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Wisdom Socks

Wisdom Socks

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African Kente print in Cotton Printed Calf Length Socks

Our Textile Design Cotton Printed Calf Length Socks are odor-resistant, skin-friendly, highly durable, sweat-proof, anti-microbial, and quick to dry. They are 75% cotton, 6% spandex, 6% nylon, and 3% elastic.

Our socks allow comfortable motion and prevent blisters while wearing shoes. Colors of these socks do not shrink after washing because of good colorfastness. Hand wash only.

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Garment Care

  • It is advisable to hand wash your fabrics in cool water and hang dry.

  • Don't leave it in the sun for too long. Exposure of these wears to extreme temperatures reduces the quality and durability.

  • If possible, spread it under a shade. Hot water destroys the dyes in your native fabric and gives it a faded look. So, stop washing with hot water.

  • When handling lace fabrics, be mindful of any sharp jewelry or rough surfaces that could snag or tear the delicate threads.